Top Tips For Seeing the Show:

The few tips we can offer here are gleaned from years of personal experience at the Show. One of the benefits to living in Brimfield as we do, (and a small town it is when the Show isn't around) is the willingness of the Promoters to talk about the Show, what they saw, heard and heard tell of.

Rule Number One: Remember at all costs, that the dealer is a person just like you, who wants to get a good deal. If he's a Brimfield regular, he will know what he expects to get for an item, and -sometimes- will open with a slightly higher offer. You, of course are free to counter: a few dealers are not willing to dicker, but in general, dickering's the rule here.

2. You will always do better using that giant wad of cash in your pocket as opposed to a check, and, and at the final stage of negotiation, it can't hurt to show the dealer the money.

3. Watch what you wear - don't overdress.  The trick is to look pretty much like everyone else. 

4. If you see something you MUST have: pick it up and do not let go. DO NOT, under any circumstances leave the booth without a leaving a retainer to hold the item if you SIMPLY MUST HAVE IT. That nice professional-looking couple over at the Windsor chair on the other side of the booth?  They've got their eyes on your prize and will grab it given half a chance.(This kind of thing happens so a word to the wise!).

5. If you cannot afford an item that you LOVE, oftentimes the dealer will work something out in the style of a layaway. This is less certain if the dealer is from Alaska and has to lug the item back; more certain if he's from New York.

6. If you frequent the Shows, you probably have a dealer or two who works actively with and for you, to find the items you're looking for. If you don't see something: ASK. Get to know the dealers who sell items you collect. You'll see them year after year, and once they know you're serious, they'll pick up things with you in mind.

7. If you're a casual or a serious collector, get a tee-shirt made up that says: "I COLLECT (whatever)". You'll be amazed at the people who come up to you.

8. Go when it 's raining: when attendance is thin, or it's raining, you're more likely to close a deal to your advantage quicker.

9. Have personal cards printed with your name and phone number and pass them out to dealers with the item you're looking for jotted down.

10. Know what you are looking at: buy some books on the items you collect before the Shows. You can learn a lot, and avoid overpaying at the Show as well.

11. Start as early as possible and hit the lunch wagons before 11:00 a.m. You'll have trouble finding a seat after that, and there will be (a few) less people in the fields during the high lunch hour.

12. In -some of the smaller fields- (not J&J or some of the other highly sought- after promoters), if you're looking for a "deal", you will probably find it in the rear-most parts of the fields.  For such fields which charge higher rates to dealers closest to the road, dealers in the rear of the fields are less likely to be professional dealers, although they can be the most fun places to browse.

13. Because of the sheer size of the show, area-wise, if you see an item that you are interested in, but are not ready to commit just yet, be sure to get the name, booth number and field the dealer is in, so you can easily find your way back. After hours of browsing, walking and talking, with no easy landmarks in sight, it's easy to forget where you were when you saw that prized item. 

14. Remember that the Show goes on, rain or shine.  Because of our microclimate and proximity to the Berkshires, our weather may be significantly different from that of neighboring areas.  It's always a good idea to have a poncho (the kind that folds up into a shirt-pocket size) handy...just in case!   (See Tip #8!)

Remember, the Show runs sun-up to sun-down, rain or shine!