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May 12-17   July 14-19 Sept 8-13
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May 10-15  •  July 12-17  •  Sept 6-11

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Show Comment - September 11, 2015

In spite of the rain yesterday and this morning, this Show promises to be on-par with the May 2016 Show, the largest show of all time with 20,000 dealers and over 230,000 visitors throughout the week.

So far, the crowds have been large, but the record-setting will occur over the weekend, (if it does), with a gorgeous day forecast on Saturday.  Sunday will see showers ending around 9:00 AM, and these two days should turn out to be a good day for deals, depending upon the dealer:
Does the dealer bet that Saturday will be the high turnout day with great weather - and he'll sell lots of items and not worry about Sunday... or will the dealer be in it for the long haul through Sunday hoping the weather clears...  Its certainly true, that no matter what happens on Saturday or Sunday, you'll get a deal.  Dealers just don't want to pack up and carry home all that stuff, (which btw - some of it they purchased at the opening on Monday!).  Nope!  Come Saturday, get your best deal, but if you spot that must-have, go for it.  It may or may not be there on Sunday, and same with the dealer.   While the best deals can certainly be had later on Saturday, you risk losing it to someone willing to pay the dealer's price.  Its risky.  We always purchase what we "must-have", and leave the nice-to-haves' for the last minute.
Anyway, have a GREAT WEEKEND everyone, it should be STELLAR!  Get your last antiques-fix for the year today and tomorrow only... till 2016!

Post Show Comment - May 18, 2015 


Well, if you were there, its not news to you... this past opening (May) Show was the largest show and most well attended Show ever - by visitors and Dealers.  We spoke to a number of dealers throughout the Show at various times, and the various dealers we spoke to agreed that business was better than ever, that visitors were more plentiful than ever. and that more dealers were participating than ever before.  It was obvious from the Main Street Crawl that everyone was having a great time, and equally obvious that the Show's physical parameters have expanded even further beyond the typical Show boundaries than ever before.  The Brimfield Show is a GREAT EVENT, and clearly - every one wants to get in on a good thing!.  Gone are the days when you could leisurely cover the Show in a day.  You might -still- be able to see everything in one day, but it wouldn't be leisurely, and you would be -exhausted- from trying!   (We know, we've tried it!).  All of this is very good news for Promoters, Visitors and Dealers.

Back in the late '90s with the increased popularity of eBay, many said the Shows were doomed to extinction, but the decades since have proven the doom-sayers wrong, thankfully.  Its really a great, safe, fun family event and we here at Brimfieldshow.com and Brimfieldshow.org are thrilled to be a small part of it!

 We have one caution to mention for the upcoming July Show:  for visitors that come to Brimfield via Rt 19 from Warren:  PLEASE be sure you follow the speed limits; the police (state and local) have rightly been very active on Rt 19 in Brimfield.  Residents are lucky if they can get away with warnings; and out-of-towners... well, lets just say, your contribution to the town might be larger than anticipated if you are over the speed limit.  We live on that road, so we do know from experience of what we speak!  
We continue to receive requests from dealers and vendors looking for info on setting up booths, but it bears repeating: the Promoters are responsible for making all vendor arrangements in their own fields. 
 You can see a list of Promoters and contact info here

Brimfieldshow.com and Brimfieldshow.org remain an independent broker of honest info and opinion about the show - we have no financial interests in, or loyalties to any parties involved with the show; we stand alone in that premise, and we exist to serve only  ---YOU, the Show Visitors.  That's why all the features are free - free classifieds, free bulletin board, free shoutbox, free dealer database.  Please patronize and support our advertisers who make this site possible - we appreciate your mentioning this site when you do!

We're looking forward to The Show, and to seeing you there for the next Show, July 14 - 19! 
Feel free to send us any questions or photos, we'll answer your questions and publish the photos!

WBH - President, Brimfieldshow.com


Post Show Comment - May 2014


WOW, were you there last week? Simply the biggest Show in a long-long time, with an estimated 500,000 visitors over the course of the week. Personally speaking, its great to see that the likes of eBay and Etsy have only popularized antiquing and vintage wares, and we'd admit that the Town was more consistently busy all week long, something we do not usually see. As always, the crowds were manageable with few reports of trouble, and the Show remains a top family/friends outing event.

We at Brimfieldshow.com/.org were interviewed for several national publications, including an article that included Brimfield as one of the Top 10 (its actually #1) Outdoor Antique Shows in the Country (actually the world).

The dealers we spoke to indicated that this was the best May show in memory, with more than a few comparing it back to the early era of the Show, when Gordon Reid began the shows. Again, speaking from 30 years of personal experience and observation - this WAS the largest Show of all time.

The big news for us, aside from the May Show, is an updated Brimfield Show website.

We began Brimfieldshow.com back on March 12, 1998 - 17 years ago - the original Brimfieldshow site.

Getting back to the pre-show comment - as usual, and as many of you already know - it will be difficult - if not impossible, to see the entire Show in one day.  Plan your route and please please please - if you see something you're interested in for possible purchase later, WRITE DOWN THE FIELD AND STALL NUMBER  We get many questions about ... where can I find this or that...  its almost impossible to track back if you don't know where you were.  OKAY, that's our tip for today.

Please send your photos to us... info@brimfieldshow.com ...  And we'll post them!

HEY - I do have a personal favor to ask - I am still looking for a piece... can anyone help?  If you have one or can locate one, I'll even give you free ad-space for a year!!!  Check it out:



How far do you travel to come to the show?, how much do you spend?  How do you pay? 
Which field is best?
  Take the Survey!

IMPORTANT TO READ:  One IMPORTANT note of WARNING - PLEASE do NOT park in any unmarked areas.  If you park anywhere not specifically designated as parking along Route 20 or Route 19 - your car will definitely be towed. If you are picking up an item you've purchased and have parked on Rt 20, do not leave your car unattended.  Towing of illegally parked cars in town is BIG Business - fair warning!   Besides, at $8.00 a day you can get perfect parking in the middle of the show.  Why risk it?

Only the largest outdoor antique show in the world, held since 1959 in Brimfield, Massachusetts, three times each year, with thousands of dealers attending!  Brimfield is an easy 1-hour ride west of Boston.

Thank you for making Brimfieldshow.com the undisputed leader of all Brimfield Show sites. 

Also - THANK YOU BRASSMAN RON BETHONEY, for the photos, some of which we are displaying on our pages!

One of your Brimfieldshow-hosts recently completed flight training for his Private Pilot license...  you can read about his experience and view his flight logs and photos here.

We hope you'll visit often, and check back regularly for more exciting developments.
As always, we're Number 1 because of you - Thank you for visiting us at Brimfieldshow.com!


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Enjoy your visit to the Brimfield Show
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This immaculate cottage offers a bedroom/sitting area with a full size bed, ceiling fan, cable television and DVD player, blankets, pillows, and all linens. A full bath has a shower and an apartment-size washer and dryer. The full, bright kitchen includes stove, microwave, refrigerator, toaster, coffeemaker, and all cooking utensils. The cottage has a full size futon on the sun-porch overlooking the lake.

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Vacation Rental Owner/Manager
Name:   Peter & Patricia O'Neil
Phone:  508 867-6439

Activities and Attractions

The area is friendly and safe for walking, biking, swimming, boating, waterskiing and fishing. Lake Lashaway is 1 1/2 miles long and ½ mile wide, and was rated one of the top bass fishing lakes in Central Massachusetts by the Boston Herald.

Within walking distance to town, with two restaurants, a country store, post office, two beauty salons and public library. ¼ mile walk to the public beach with lifeguard during season. Many activities are within a few miles of the cottage, including a golf course, bowling alley, and shopping. Warren Farm and Sugarhouse and Brookfield Apple Orchard are less than ten minutes away. Beautiful surrounding towns for
antiquing and sight-seeing drives.
15 minutes from Old Sturbridge Village
20 minutes to Brimfield Antique Markets
12 miles from Worcester
3 1/2 hours from New York City
1 hour from Boston.

This cottage is perfectly suited for either a fun-filled active vacation or a relaxing get away.

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Joseph Bethoney
(1st Generation)

At Campello Antiques, we have been in the business of restoring and selling antiques since 1895! Starting with Joseph Bethoney and continuing for 5 generations, we have been servicing the South Shore and the city of Brockton for over 100 years!

Our service ranges from industrial, residential and commercial antique & brass selling, restoration and polishing.  Our inventory includes a variety of architectural antiques with a specialty in brass polishing, chandeliers, and sconces. We also offer mantels, doors, newel posts, fretwork, vintage plumbing, terra cotta, ... any assortment of architectural antiques is possible in our showroom.

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